Our Story

While we are cooking healthy meals for your kids and your family, you can enjoy your time with them.  

En Saison Family Meals

Our founder, as a working mother of an active toddler,  found it challenging to consistently feed her son and family healthy meals. In a time when life is going faster than ever, when we are constantly bombarded with new nutritional information and when processed foods have become the norm, finding reliable sources to feed your loved ones with natural produce has become even more difficult.  En Saison’s awesome team came together in August 2020, from shared passions for healthy foods, local produce, sustainability, and family.

Our mission is to bring the family back together around the same meal, a meal that has been meticulously created to allow kids to gradually develop their palates while offering parents flavourful and healthy foods for the whole family to share. After testing for months with several families, we can confidently say that our product is ready, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Our project wouldn’t have been complete without creating a system limiting the impact of our service on the environment. We tested different avenues and decided on the reusable oven-friendly glass containers for our deliveries and we are very proud to bring this into your lives and your children’s. Finally, we will be partnering with a food-related charity, giving back to the community. More details with your first delivery!

We deliver meals prepared with…

• Seasonal vegetables

• Local meats, as much as possible

• Complex carbohydrates

• Fresh Produce

• Creative flavours

• Natural sugars

Not with...

• Packaging waste

• Food waste

• Preservatives

• Additives

• Growth hormones

• Antibiotics


Amélie Trudeau

Founder & Owner

Mom of a 3 year old, Amelie spent the last 5 years as a real estate consultant for restaurant chains accross the country.


Tiia Kand

Nutrition Expert

Tiia is a passionate culinary nutrition expert & instructor specializing in healthy, whole foods and how to apply them to home cooking.






Gerardo D. Quintero

Local Produce Wholesaler

Gerry operates kombucha, produce and meal kit company ALMA+GIL, providing the highest quality produce to their costumers.


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