How it works

While we are cooking healthy meals for your kids and your family, you can enjoy your time with them.

Browse our monthly menu each week

Based on the seasonal availability of our local produce, we put together a new set of dishes each month, which we cook for you. Weekly, or at the beginning of each month, you can choose your meals for the following week(s), to be delivered every Tuesdays. We recommend balanced meals composed of 1 protein, 1 whole carbs and 2 seasonal veggies, which all come in a serving size of 4 adult portions.

Choose from our kid friendly dishes - creating the perfect meal for your family

We spent months creating and testing new recipes which will appeal to both your young kids and you parents. While all kids are different, we found that simple is the way to go, that spicy, but never hot, is welcomed, and we make sure to keep our meals flavourful but low in sodium. We do hide vegetables in dishes which are great options for our pickier eaters, but as a rule, we try to expose the kids to vegetables in their purest form, enhancing flavours that appeal to their young and sensitive palates.

We deliver your meals every Tuesday

We deliver our meals Tuesday each week, between 8am and 5pm. Orders need to be placed before 3pm Friday the week prior to delivery, which allows us to avoid food waste by only purchasing what’s needed for your orders. Each delivery comes in our reusable cooler bag and oven-safe containers and are kept chill with ice packs which we will also pick up, sanitize and reuse. Please leave us delivery instructions in the checkout, so we know if we can leave your cooler bag on your porch, or if it requires hand delivery. Our meals are delivered fresh, so simply needs to be placed in the fridge until it's to be reheated at dinner time.

Zero packaging waste - container pickup 

We ask you to clean the containers and lids in the dishwasher, and close them to protect them, before putting them back in the cooler bags. We`ll pick up the coolers, the glass containers and the ice packs the week following each order (you will receive an email to confirm pickup time), After pickup, the containers and ice packs will be sanitized through our commercial grade dishwasher (much like dishes in a restaurant), and every cooler bag will get fully sanitized. Have questions? Visit the reusable containers section in our FAQs.


Family Friendly

Our purpose is to provide you with kid-friendly meals that you will share as a family. We believe in teaching children by example, and we are excited to offer your families opportunities to create healthy eating habits, to start discussions on local farming and produce, and to consume sustainably. 

No Packaging Waste

Our packaging is 100% reusable.


We aim to provide a premium service for your food delivery. We’ve created this service to simplify your life as parents: no subscription, kid-approved shareable meals, simple reheating instructions. No food prepping, no cooking, no cleaning.   


Although our menu changes monthly, our meal structure stays the same: a choice of 6 protein and healthy carbohydrate mains to mix and match with a choice of 9 seasonal vegetable sides.   

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