We have gathered here all your most frequently asked questions.

What actions have you taken to provide safety during COVID-19 for delivery and food preparation.

Covid Information and Protocols

Commercial kitchen: we are sanitizing all common areas of our commercial kitchen throughout the day. We have in place very rigorous policies with regard to food handling. Hand-washing/hand sanitization is standard procedure throughout our operations.

Delivery: Our drivers are wearing masks where social distancing may not be possible.

Reusable cooler bags, containers and ice packs: All containers and lids as well as ice packs go through the sanitation station when they return to the kitchen and are cleaned using a commercial grade kitchen dishwasher. We are dedicated to ensure that every cooler bag also gets fully sanitized with a food-safe sanitizing solution.

What happens if my glass container breaks accidentally?

Please let us know if an accident happens. We won’t charge you the first time, but if it happens a second time, the replacement cost of the dish (small: $10, large: $15) will be charged on your credit card.

Do I need to wash the dish before I return it?

Our glass containers and lids are dishwasher-friendly. We appreciate you cleaning them before placing them back in our cooler bag for pickup. We put all of our containers through a commercial grade dishwasher to completely sanitize them before using them again.

How do I return my glass container?

The week following each delivery, on the same day of the week and around the same time window, we will pick up the cooler bag, the glass containers and the reusable ice packs at the same location that you indicated for delivery. We will send you a reminder 48 hours prior to pickup. If for any reason the pickup as described above is not possible, please let us know!

Do I need to order every week?

It’s completely up to you! It is important for us to offer a stress-free service and we definitely don’t want to add pressure to your life. Order as frequently as makes sense for you; we are always honored to feed your family.

Do you offer non glass containers for delivery?

No, only glass containers are available.

While developing En Saison, we looked at many options for biodegradable and compostable containers, to find out that Toronto don’t yet have the required composting facilities to allow those materials to decompose. Unfortunately, these containers still end up in landfills.

When will my meal be delivered?

You select your delivery day at checkout, as well as your delivery zone, and provide us with instructions for dropping off your meals. If you need to be there for pickup (if per example porch drop off is not an option), we will send you a text message when on our way

What happens if my meal is stolen?

Please provide us with a safe way to drop off your order. But things happen! Please contact us if your meal gets stolen.

I wont be home at the time of my delivery, what should I do?

Simply leave instructions when you check out, or contact us if it’s a last minute situation, as to where we can leave your meal (on a porch, at a back door, etc.) Our cooler bags contain ice packs and our food containers are closed with lids with silicone gaskets which create an airtight seal. We make sure that our meals can keep for up to 4 hours before being refrigerated.

We have allergies in our family, what should we do?


For each dish, we specify the major food allergens they contain.

Be aware that En Saison Family Meals offers products containing nuts, soy, gluten and other common allergens and that all of our cooler bags are assembled in the same packing area. Eaters with severe sensitivities to trace quantities of any allergen should be cautious as we are unable to ensure the complete absence of such allergens.

Do you offer vegan and or vegetarian options?

We do! Each month we offer a vegan protein & carbohydrate option and we have various vegetarian and vegan sides. All of our vegetarian or vegan dishes are labeled as such on their product page.

Are all your ingredients locally sourced?

Every month, we develop a menu based on our seasonal vegetables. In the winter months, we compete if necessary with local greenhouse vegetables. All our meals contain at least 2 pounds of seasonal and local vegetables. As for our proteins, we are aiming to source them exclusively locally.

How often does your menu change?

Every month, we design 6 new protein & carbohydrate dishes and 9 new side dishes, based on our Ontario seasonal produce, for you to mix and match.

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