Zero Packaging Waste
Healthy prepared meals delivered right to
your home. Reheat, share and enjoy!

How it Works

Mix & Match 1 Main with 2 Sides

All our Family Meals contain 1 Main & 2 vegetables sides, for $66, and feed 4 adults. 

We deliver on Tuesdays

No subscription. We deliver from Etobicoke to Victoria Park, South of the 401.

All you have to do is reheat!

Our meals are delivered fresh. Reheat them directly in our oven-safe glass containers, and clean in the dishwasher when done.

We’ll contact you to pick up our packaging

We pick up our cooler, glass containers and ice pack the following week, we sanitize and reuse them, leaving you with zero packaging waste!

Our Menu

Sep 28th

All of our main dishes have a serving size of 4 adult portions. Price includes 2 seasonal vegetable sides.

Our Oven-Friendly Reusable Glass Container Program

We deliver our meals in reusable cooler bags and oven-safe glass containers, which we pick up the following week from your home. We are offering a zero packaging waste service, teaching our kids ways to respect our environment. Visit our FAQs, to answer any questions.

Ontario Grown Produce

Knowing where our produce is coming from, supporting local farming and reducing the carbon footprint of our food has always been highly important to us in our home. It was important to us that En Saison’s menus be designed, monthly, around the seasonal availability of local produce, offering fresher and more flavourful vegetables while continuously pushing us to work with different produce


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